What do you think about equine massage and how much would you pay for it ?

My horses have gotten a massage a few times and it completely changes them, the person we use charges $80 but it really depends on who you use
I do equine massage. I always joked 'if people are crazy enough to pay for voo doo, I'll take their money!' And I got certified. I became a believer when I massaged my own horse once, and he went the best he's ever gone - and I'm talking 'struggles to pin in the hack out of 7' to 'winning the hack out of 20' kind of improvement. I've seen it make a world of difference in both backyard and competition horses. Definitely worth it. I charge $75
What sort of things do they include?
My horse gets regular massages also and I too feel it's worth every penny! I spend $80 a treatment.
Well my horse gets special massages but normally about 100-200$
My horse gets massages about every 8 weeks and he lovvveeesss them! We pay $100 I think but it is worth every penny. I can tell the biggest difference afterwards, and if you get a knowladable masseuse they can help to give you tips and stretched you can do on your own!
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