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How much does boarding a horse cost normally? And how much does classes cost?

How much does boarding a horse cost normally? And how much does classes cost?
My trainer does $50.00 per lesson for 1 hour but you can always ask for exceptions I work at the barn everyday when I get out of school to about 8:30 when you play for everything yourself it gets tuff specially when you have your own horse.
Boarding prices vary greatly depending on location, type of board (full pasture, partial turnout, or stall board), and the size of the facility. Not everyone is reasonably priced either. As far as classes, do you mean showing or lessons? Those prices will also depend on location. A lot of trainers I know do private lessons for $35 per lesson, I ask for $30. Group lessons are generally cheaper but you don't get as much one-on-one instruction time.
I pay $180 a month for an indoor stall and access to all arenas and pastures, but since it's so cheap I have to feed and muck out the stall 2x a day. It would be $230/month if I didn't do that. I pay $30 for one hour lesson.
Lesson normally cost 70$ for a group lesson
What about classes? Like just for one class?
At my barn, I pay $725 monthly. but someone that has a horse over 16th needs to pay more, I'm not sure how much, but since my horse is smaller than 16hh I pay less
Usually 700-2000$
At my barn it's about $350 for an outdoor board with hay, you supply your own grain, it's about $650 for indoor board, with everything... grain, booting, holding for vet/farrier, blanketing etc. And training board $1000 with all of the indoor board things but, training 5 days a week as well. All of this is the Canadian dollar by the way. And for me a lesson is about $75 private and $65 for semi private. And what I pay, is actually quite expensive you could find a much cheaper board if you look in the right places!! But sometimes it's worth it! At my barn it's definitely worth it!!
Lessons range from $50-$200. And board is usually $600+ for a pony and $800+ for a horse.
What if I live in like a big city?
My board is $180 a month with a stall. Pretty cheap deal! I charge 115 for 4 lessons, but board can be upwards of 700-800 dollars and lessons can be 50+. Really just depends on your area :)
It will cost around $200-700 a month depending on where you are. A show class will cost about $30-50.
Lessons depend on who your trainer is and how long the lesson is
In Ireland the average is about €100 a week for full livery.
Group lessons are around €20-€25
Private lessons are normally €30 for 30mins and €40 for an hour