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My horse won't respond to my leg sometimes when I'm trotting. If I ask him to move over with my leg and my rein he just turns the other way. What can I do ?

My horse won't respond to my leg sometimes when I'm trotting. If I ask him to move over with my leg and my rein he just turns the other way. What can I do ?
Thanks for all the advice everyone!
I would definitely use a whip at all times that's what I have to do. Try over exaggerating everything. With your reins pull a bit more and ask for a lot of flexion and then open your outside rein a lot. As for with your leg just try pushing and holding the pressure so that your horse feels like he is actually being pushed in that direction. Only do this till he starts to listen then give him some more leeway.
You need to find out why he doing it not just add more gadgets like spurs, go back to basics and reschool , your horse should be responsive but not reactive, if he not doing something there is a reason
Thanks Willa but another thing is even if I ride with a crop for let's say a couple weeks and one day I don't use it he won't listen so I guess I should use it all the time? He really hasn't had an issue with this but all the sudden he's being a pain in the butt about it
I would ask for spurs and maybe a crop. If he keeps doing I and keeps getting out of working he'll know that if he does it he doesn't have to work as hard.
Hmmm.... I'd for sure talk to your trainer about this! If he's not listening to you and ignoring your aids turn him in a tight circle. Try doing work along the wall as well. If he's going quite fast with a crop and he listens that means he knows exactly what he's doing and getting away with it. One day just ride him at a walk only and be really strict with him, even if he goes fast carry a dressage whip with you, and don't stop, until he listens then give him praise and call it a day. Keep doing that and gradually work your way up to the trot then canter, and teach him to listen to what you're saying and not say "Screw you". If he's not behaving just take a breathe and try it again, if he does something don't just give in and do something else. Then that means your horse won. As I said start with only walking and don't push it. Hope this helps!! Good luck!!
Sydney he's never had an issue until the course has changed up but nobody's worn spurs on him because he's naturally has a big stride so it really isn't needed sometimes
Thanks for the advice youssef but I have done that a million times and he still doesn't listen to my leg
Maybe u should sit deeper in the saddle and straighten ur back. Then start squeezing with ur inside leg and whenever she doesn't respond kick her so that she knows that she must obey to ur commands.
Sit deep! And if you aren't already, wear spurs. When he goes fast pull and release, don't just have constant tenstion because then he'll resitist and fight you even more. When he does what you ask even the smallest improvement, praise him and then he'll want to try even harder for you. Hope this helped😊
I don't like letting him get away with it but as soon as I have a crop he doesn't do it but will go very fast even when the crops only in my hand. I'm struggling so much with this I don't know why he just sometimes won't listen to my leg and I have to shorten one of my reins so he doesn't go the other way! Please help me I don't know what to do :(