My horse's name is Simon and next year we are making our debut in the hunters for Trillium circuit. Do you have any show name suggestions? I like classy names.

ya!! at caledon?? @jadebuchanan1
lmfaoo theres always championships will you b there??
omg i'm so sorry i read it as west, i'm doing central west:(( when you said zone classic i was like wait what? haha awe sorry @jadebuchanan1
OMG are you going to be at zone classic?? we should meet up!! I do the 3' Childrens with my girly!
hey what zone are you on?? i'm central east!
Seizing Momentum
Feeling Classy
He is Exclusive
Limited Edition
Simon says
Seize The Day
SI Moonshine (see what I did there hahah)
Doesn't really relate to Simon, but....
smooth operator
take your time
Empire State of mind
talk to me
no rest for the wicked
...these are some of my favorites!
Simons glory
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