What are your thoughts on Pelhams?
And is it better to use the roundings or the double reins?

Pelhams are great in educated hands. I like double reins because the roundings has constant pressure and double reins you have control of the different points.
The snaffle rein (top rein) works mainly on the mouth piece with very very light poll & curb pressure. You main contact should always be with that rein.
The curb rein (bottom rein) works the shank, the curb and poll pressure. The more pressure you apply the more pressure there will be on the curb & poll. The poll pressure aids to the horse lowering its head & the curb does two things, stops the bit from rotating to far & through applying pressure guides the mouth to remain closed.
Pelhams are great when used correctly! Only with double reins though, with the roundings there will be constant pressure on the curb and you want to be able to control all the functions of the bit.
Which reins do what?
In all honesty, I love Pelhams as long as they are used with double reins. That way you have more control of the 3 points;
- poll
- mouth
- curb
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