I am so frustrated with myself right now. I used to ride charro (mexican style of riding) and I'm changing to show jumping and I'm bad at it. What can I do ?

Watch videos online and practice alot
Practice...no rider in the world became good in their discipline overnight. It takes hours and miles... goodluck!
Show Jumping takes time to get to. Take your time. If it doesn't work out, there is other types of jumping. Don't give up though! Wishing the best for you, good luck.
Take your time to adjust to the new style of ridding and practice your skills.
You will see improvement
Don't ever compare yourself to another rider! There's so many different riding styles, horses and people out there in the horse world, a professional rider may make a horse look like a dream to ride but you never know they may argue all te time when training. Spend time with your horse as much as you can, set yourself small goals every time you ride, watch videos of professional riders, read books on showjumping techniques and practice! Simple as that and before but you know it you will develop a better connection to your horse, a better riding position and you will enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it, try another discipline or different style eg 6 bar comps rather than straight showjumping or hunter classes or eventing. There's somethingn out there for all riders and horses
Don't be so harsh on yourself. They are completely different styles and you just have to have patience and adjust to your new discipline. Think positive when you ride and don't take it out on the horse if you get frustrated, as it only makes things worse. Take some lessons and you'll see the progress of bondage and trust with your horse as well as improvement. Good luck :)
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