What is the best show name for my horse? Her name is Soleil. I would love to have it in her show name. It's means SUN in French.

@jeannelacroix29 I was one of those who said la Soleil Brille oops!! French is my second language sometimes I have my blips! Thanks for correcting 😊
Soleil rising as in like sun rising
éclipse solaire
I know I'm french lol. I was saying that because someone proposed names like la soleil brille and it would be LE soleil brille :)
cirque de soleil
@gssmith yes it does mean sun but I think what she's trying to say is that in french it's a masculine word. Masculine and feminine words are really different in English and french. So the names she has are grammatically correct.
@jeannelacroix29 it means SUN.
I think you should know that Soleil is masculine in french ;)
Maybe Soleil Levant which means sunrise? Or Soleil Couchant (sunset) or Soleil Doré (golden sun)
Soliel eyes , soleil queen, soleil prince
Golden Sole, Sole of Steel, Keep It Soleil, Grand prince Soleil.
Soleil Brillant... so sorry to correct you. 😕
Brilliant Soliel!! It means bright sun.
Royal Soliel
Beau Soleil
Cirque du soleil
Lever du soleil that's French for sun rise
La Soleil Brille... that's french for the sun is shining.
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