ASK Ravene : I have a white horse and since I got him I have tried everything to make his tail look white too (his tail color is yellow from the mad) what should I do ?

Washing powder believe it or not works like a bomb and it also makes them extra soft 😜
Hello Ioanna,

In our cosmetic product range EASY SHINE, you can find a shampoo especially conceived for grey/white/light colored horses!
Easy Shine Grey has a very effective action to clean the yellow stains. I advise you to shampoo the tail of your horse with Easy Shine Grey (don’t be afraid to repeat the application twice, if the tail of your horse is very dirty!)
I draw your attention to the fact that the horse epidermis is thinner than the humans’ one and has a less acid pH. To prevent the dermatological reactions and respect the cutaneous sensitivity of your horse, it’s necessary to use suitable products. All our shampoos : Easy Shine Shampoo, Easy Shine Grey and Emouchine Shampoo are conceived specifically for horses.

Good luck with your shampoo :)
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