How can I canter for longer periods at a time? My horse canters for about 10 strides then always falls back into trot even though I put my leg on. What can I do? Use a crop maybe?

Try crop or small Spurs or maybe lengthen your reins
Right before he gets ready to trot tap him lightly with a crop, also do a lot of grid work cantering with out letting your horse trot.
Sometimes if your horse even knows the crop is there they will keep going
Crop or spurs
If pressure on the leg doesn't work then get a crop and tap them not too hard 3 times right behind where your foot is placed. Then the next time they should keep going when you put pressure on. I also ride a lazy horse and she has been getting a lot better lately.
A crap is a good idea you could always just hold it and only use it if the horse needs it
My mare does the same thing. I use a crop but don't actually use it. I just make sure it's moving slightly against her body. I don't hit her with the crop, just keep it barely swinging against her. But also make sure you're not holding him back from continuing to canter
Make sure you are not opposing his motion and pay good attention to your following seat. Initiate the downward transition to trot after five canter strides then upward back to canter again . Increase the period after progress and make sure not to lose the impulsion while doing transitions
Yes defiantly a crop, also I ride a lazy horse sometimes and it helps to squeeze your outside leg hard and tap them on the butt till the will go faster
a crop is a good idea
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