What country and state do you live in? 🌎
I live in Florida (United States)!

Ohio 😑 (USA)
indiana (usa)
Missouri {United States}
Missouri (USA)
The Netherlands, East, where a lot of international show jumping barns are (Dubbeldam, Schröder, Bruggink) Also close to Germany and the German showjumpers like Beerbaum and Ehning.
New York USA
Pennsylvania, USA
new jersey, usa !
United Kingdom, Wales.
France, in Paris 🇫🇷
I live in France, near Bordeaux (wine 🍷) ! But I would like so much spend time in Florida, it's so beautiful 😍
Queensland, Australia but moving to Northern Territory, Australia
South Africa
USA New Mexico 🌵 I do eventing and there are 3 shows per year for me 😩 Hoping to move to Illinois soon though
Italy ✌🏻
South Carolina
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