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How do you guys get your horses under control ?

How do you guys get your horses under control ?
Do a lot of transition work (walk to trot; Troy to canter; canter to halt; etc.) this will teach your horse to pay attention attention to what you are asking and will lead you to have more control over your horseback
Circle work, lots and lots of circles. It not only gives me a chance to recover, since when my horse usually tries to take control it's after a buck, but also a chance to gain back whatever control I've lost over the situation. It's hard for him to continue acting up on a small circle, and it gets him back under my control, and back on the bit.
Shorten up my reins a whole lot and turn in small circles or backwards until he calms down. Then allow him to trot a bit to see if he understands Im in control. If he still misbehaves I use my crop or do more circles.