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What are the best and nicest showjumping sadles to use?

What are the best and nicest showjumping sadles to use?
Or beval
Antares, pessoa, Bruno, m Toulouse, or CWD
The best saddle is the one that suits both your horse and yourself best. I am very fond of Bruno Delgrange, but they are expensive.
I love my Pessoa!
I like Beval, CWD, Antares, Devocoux, and Voltaire. But they can be pricey.
Yes, I agree 100% with Sophie! They're fantastic saddles! Super comfortable and they last forever. Amazing quality leather, and fully customizable!! Their dressage saddles are amazing, their jumping saddles, their western saddles... I've tried them all, and I love them all. Most say CWD for showjumping but I've ridden in both and I always go back to my DK! Always so comfortable... just love them!! Good luck!
I personally like coustom made saddles from dk saddlery. They are coustiom fit for you, but you can change it to for any horse you ride, so they should last a lifetime.
Saddles are really personal, you might find comfortable a saddle that is not good for someone else. The best thing you can do, as Paola said, is to go to a tack shop and try a few, or if you can borrow saddles from a friend or two, try those to have a first idea on what you are looking for. Plus, if you have a trainer ask for his/hers advice as well, as saddles can improve or worsen your eq.
Every saddle is different for everyone so I would go to Dover or some horse store near you and try them. If not look on instagram to see what others use and check the reviews. 🙂