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What do you think of anatomic bridles? What is the best brand?

What do you think of anatomic bridles? What is the best brand?
My horse uses Micklem Rambo anatomic bridels. And i do love them and so dose she. The movement is totally different with anatomic brides. Also they look good. We have ps of swedens headband on it and they look good ro gether. We have sice fulla nd its a bit small zise but anyhow my fafourites so far!:)
For me PS of Sweden is the best. I bough my bridle a couple months ago and I am in love with it! Their bridles have a high quality leather and they are super comfortable for the horses.
Hi Tecla!

Anatomic bridles can be a valuable asset for sensitive horses or owners looking to release pressure off certain areas on or around the face. One of the top brands for anatomic bridles is Dy'on. Many other companies like CWD and Voltaire have anatomic bridle options. A midrange suggestion would be an HDR or Crown (found at Dover) brand. Though the leather is more of a "tooling" quality, they do the job. The least expensive end of the spectrum would be Royal tack. Additionally, an affordable custom anatomic bridle option would be Magnum Equus and a more expensive version of that would be Pink Equine. Hope that helps!