What is your opinion of Charles Owen helmets ? I'm looking to replace my Samshield !

love them!
It depends of your head shape. I personally found Charles Owen helmets big and bulky with very little ventilation. Not to mention constant headaches due to my head not being the right shape. Charles Owen helmets seem to fit oval heads the best. They do rate very high on safety standards though, which is why they are popular for eventers.
no air vents, kep is much better
I don't like them because they are fuzzy and have no air vents
I love my Charles Owen, very classy but sometimes when it's hot, my head look like a tomato 😂
Very classy looking
I loooove Charles Owen. :)
super pretty but depends on your head shape. I have a really small head and my Charles Owen made my head look like a watermelon lol so I switched to the GPA speed air and I love it!!!!
When I was trying to find a helmet the lady said that if u have a rounder head they they are good but I then found my IRH which I love and is much cheaper.
Hello Ansley!
My Charles Owen has treated me so well, and I can't imagine using anything else. I personally LOVE them and never plan on switching :)
Personally, I hate them. But it definitely depends on your head shape, if you have a ovalish head Charles owen is a better option and if you have a rounder head then stick with a Samshield. I prefer my Samshield over and other helmet, its so comfortable and way more breathable and ventilated than Charles owen
Amazing love mine
Charles Owen Helmets are amazing
I love them. I have one and they are super comfortable and classy looking.
Super great but i actually just did the opposite and changed from a charles to a samshield! Both are great helmets, just a matter of preference.
I love them they're super comfortable but they have absolutely no venting so your head will sweat a lot and u will hav to clean the inside a ton
I love my Charles Owen, they also come in the round option.
Charles Owens only fit an oval sized head, and they're narrow. Would not recommend if you have a round head. I bought mine and a month later had to get a new helmet due to the shape of my head.
I bought my first Charles Owen a year ago and I absolutely love it. It's so comfortable I can't ride in anything else. I'd totally recommend one!
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