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What discipline do you do? What inspired you to start it ?

What discipline do you do? What inspired you to start it ?
I do jumping and hunter (in France you can start with jumping). I have always loved the feeling of jumping and now I still like show jumping for the technical side of it mostly. I am taking up dressage competitions in september, I got inspired doing my first shoulder-ins and patterns.
Dressage. I got into it by taking general riding lessons and I saw pictures of my riding instructor doing dressage movements and wanted to do it too.
Btw I started riding when I was 3
I barrel race. My sister did it and I LOVE going fast! I love sports with adrenaline and going fast! I did English for three years before that. I did hunter jumping. I do English at camp for two weeks. I never mind doing English here and there but I will do western forever!
I was charro at first and it was all because of family tradition and risk. I used to bull ride (getting on a bull and staying on as long as possible) but only the young ones and I loved charro because it included risk and adrenaline with grace. Now I'm doing show jumping and it's way harder but it helps me learn to be quick on my toes and alert
Jumpers; I got inspired when I was like 2 when they had a show jumping tour series on Animal Planet. I WAS OBSESSED. Then at four years old, I moved to Florida and started to ride! I don't regret anything.
I do English hunter, and jumping. I got into it because one day when I was two I went to a birthday party at a barn, which I still ride at today. Anyway, I loved riding a horse so much I started taking lessons and now I've been riding for 9 years.
I do jumping and a bit of dressage. I got into it because my mum taught me how to ride, and she's a dressage rider and I actually learnt how to ride on her Prix St George horse, and I always was watching horse stuff on the tv, mostly show jumping and then I took an interest to it. I switch between which I want to do... and I enjoy XC so basically you could say I'm more of an eventer but, I don't compete.
I am a Hunter/Jumper, and I started my passion on my first lesson almost 5 years ago, Now I'm competing and thriving in the division but I'm soon going to move to Jumpers.😊
I love jumping. I was inspired when I went to a jumping clinic at my barn, but I realized that the clinic I signed up for was really weekly jumping lessons. I just love the feeling of cantering up to a jump and flying over it.