My coach keeps telling me to guard and block with my outside aids, my horse ducks out and bolts through his outside shoulder. How do I block and guard ? Thanks :)

I think what your coach is trying to say is, keep that outside rein and leg on and ready to block an exit if needed. My horse also tries to shove me around with his shoulder, but by blocking that outside shoulder, it prevents him from doing so. If you feel him beginning to shove his shoulder out, tighten that outer rein, and apply your outer leg – this will close off your outside aids and he should follow up and straighten. :)
Pull with your outside rein from your elbow and squeeze your outside leg from your upper calf down to ankle (not heel) also don't be afraid to ask you trainer to explain how to do things, it won't hurt.☺👍 hope it helps, that's what I do and I always helps if your strong in the leg, but if not keep it up until it does! Good luck😀
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