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I get nervous before clinics and shows, which effects my riding. Do you know any ways to help me calm down and relax?

I get nervous before clinics and shows, which effects my riding. Do you know any ways to help me calm down and relax?
I normally talk to my horse but I mostly tell my self that I'm training with a whole lot of other people. I sometimes can't get to sleep the night before a show so I usually imagine the I'm riding my dream horse on the beach ( or where ever you want to be). I know it sounds crazy but it works for me!
Try to breathe and ask God to help you relax
you could take a herbal remedy but not many of them actually work. you could also listen to music whilst warming up or just take a friend, the one thing that works with me is to kepp my self busy.
I use handsanatisers I know crazy right but there are ones at Bath and Body works that are made to help with stress relife and to help make you relax I use them at every show or big events they have saved me many times
Try seeing a girl named Margie I am going to see her and she has helped many kids at my barn but she is a very busy lady
Eating a banana or two before a show is a good way to calm down because they are full of beta blockers which prevent adrenaline from bonding to beta receptors and making you flighty or nervous :)
Just breath. Also lavender Essential oil works wonders too just put a little on your Cupid's bow so you can smell it(also works great for horses)
my friends have these gummies that they get at a health good store and they come in a tin which makes you feel relaxed, they also say it makes you feel warm and fuzzy which they find helps they're stress levels!!
Think about nice and positive things, keep breathing and keep a wide angle view when riding a horse. Do not ever look down!
Sometimes eating can help
Breathe- I know it sounds cliche, but you can't relax if you're not breathing. Just take a couple deep breaths, and give yourself a small, reasonable, achieveable goal (for my horse and I, frequently that's staying calm with other horses in the arena). Then just do your best to accomplish that goal, and try not to worry about anything else. Oh, and make sure you eat and stay hydrated! Being hungry never helps with stress and anxiety. (Hope I'm making sense, I just woke up).
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