What are your helmet recommendations? I've heard that Charles Owen helmets compress and then you have to add a lot of foam wedges. What are your thoughts?

I don't know Charles Owen's but I recommand you Kep helmets, they can fit all shapes of heads (egg or circle) so they are more comfortable than others and safer as the helmet is more adjusted and won't move. Besides, the inner padding is washable and you can purchase it alone in various sizes for the same shell. The ventilation is very efficient even during heat pikes and you can close the grid when days are cold.
Little extra, they are less common than the Owen and quite pretty shaped.
They have memory's foam in them so mould to the shape of your head. I love mine. The only down size is price and ventilation but I live in Australia so it get a very hot here sometimes!
I totally recommend IRH helmets!Extremely comfortable and breathable fits like a charm and conforms to your shape!! Also not too $$$ so it will give you style comfor and safety without breaking the bank🙏🏻
I have one, and until now I'm pretty satisfied !
I bought mine a year ago and used it quite frequently. It's still very comfortable and looks as good as brand new.
I fully recommend it, its very classy and comfortable
I have a Charles Owen and mine has not done that at all.
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