My horse's tail has a really big knot the size of a baseball in his tail ! How do I remove those ? It's so hard to get out !😬

wash & condition. then apply lots of showsheen. carefully pull apart with your fingers
Use some coconut butter stuff. Trust me, it has vitamins so it is good for the tail 😂😂 but also is very slick which helps the knots slide out easier
you could spray loads of detangler on it then brush through
or you could spray detanger,wait a couple of mins, spray some more amd then wash the tail with lots of conditioner
Try brushing with your fingers and just detangling each knot, it will take ages but worth it in the long run
Thank you
A lot of detangler and work with little pieces at a
Either baby oil or a strong detangler and time. You can either slowly pull it apart with your fingers or pick it apart with a comb I wouldn't run a brush through it because that could be painful for the horse and pull a lot of hair out
Thank you everyone
I would cut it out😬
The best way to do it is put quite abit of mane and tale conditioner in it and leave it over night then try and brush it out the next day if not the best way without hurting your horse is to cut it x
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