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What is the Best glucosamine or joint supplement?

What is the Best glucosamine or joint supplement?
@dixonlindseyr no it's definitely legend I'm thinking of. Both my coach and Jessica Phoenix both told me we can no longer have it. Maybe it's just Ontario...🤔
Just saw above comment. Legend is available in canada. Maybe your thinking of adequan?
I feed legacy they get it once a day and it works great i love it i saw diffrences a week after he was on it and its a cheaper but still affective supplement it's was better than Glucosamine powder if you have a pickey eater they probley won't eat the powder but legacy is a pellet that looks jut like the grain so the horse will not know the difference my horse thinks he's getting treats sometimes when I give it to him lol I hope it works for your horse if you try it ! ☺
I used legend and it was great! But not available in Canada so depends where you're located and some shows don't allow it... Polygylcon is available in Canada and is basically the same as legend just slight differences
Legend! But it's IV injection. As needed. My boy is once every 6 months as of now and makes a huge difference. Can also be given IA