Do you prefer Samshield or Charles Owen?

Both are nice
defenetly Samshield 💕
Charles Owen all the way 💗
omg samshields all the way
Samshield. Charles Owens have basically no ventilation and can be hard to fit. I think you get more for your money if you buy a Sammy
Charles owen
Charles Owen
Yes Ruby I am as well... thanks guys!
Charles owen work for me. but I am a dressage rider and they are big in the dressage world.
Charles Owen have memory foam so they mould to your head, love mine so much! I personally think they look better than Samshield but personal choice
They are both good helmets, I think is just a matter of which one fits your head better and you like the most.
I think it depends on your head shape. Charles Owen I think are more oval and samshield more round
Charles Owen
Charles Owen
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