I am looking for some new stirrups that provide good grip. The ones I have now don't grip to my boot very well at all. Which ones would you suggest?

Tech stirrups!! I have 2 pairs and love them!
Prestige iron stirrups
If you aren't looking for anything expensive (like free jumps) I use equiwing and switch out the rubber grips provides with the metal grips you can buy seperate things and they're just as good
Compositi are amazing, and you can choose your colors!
Compositi stirrups
I suggest FreeJumps as well. Had them for over a year and nothing grips better than them. Definetly love them (and so does everyone that rides on my saddle)
I suggest FreeJump stirrups. They are realy safe and provide good grip. I have 3 pairs and I love them!
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