I have two geldings that do not get along. They have already got into a pretty big fight. Should I let them work it out and risk injuries or separate them?

The best thing to do is to keep them together. To avoid injuries you can take off their shoes for the time they learn to get along ;) (at least behind)
I would keep them together and let them work it out because this happened at my barn and the horses ended up working it out it just took them a little while
I wouldn't interfere. Horses fight all the time. It's a natural way of communicating who is the more dominant horse out of the two of them. By separating the two horses, you will just be postponing the fight until you re-introduce them again. Furthermore, horses are social animals, therefore separating them could cause more problems, such as separation anxiety.
I would allow them to work out who is the more dominant horse between the two of them. It allows each of them to learn from one another as well as teaching them to stick up for themselves when they have to fight for dominance when a new horse comes along.
Injury is likely to happen during a fight, but why stop horses from being horses? Let them work it out. The horse knows best.
Separate them. They will get really hurt if u keep letting them fight like that.
If you can keep them separate I would. From experience my gelding and another horse would fight and they just couldn't figure it out who was boss and we had to seperate them, but you could see how they go first and if they can't sort it out then keep them separate
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