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What can I do to improve my sitting trot?

What can I do to improve my sitting trot?
Use your hips and move with the horse. Always warm your horse up posting. Once the horse is properly warmed up their back should soften and it should be easier to sit the trot. Start slow and work your way up with impulsion. Don’t grip anywhere but the main movement you shouldn’t be doing is pushing with your hips constantly. I find grunting helps because of how much you use your abs ahaha. Having the horse round and connected also helps because you have control of their movement. Hope this helps 🤗
Well this is hard to explain but have your horse stand still then rock yourself forward and back ward until you feel your seat bones more on the saddle. Then sit back slightly(if you are used to show jumping you should be sitting up straight may help to have someone watch you). Then just practice this at a walk. If you lose the connection just stop and find it again. This will take practice but eventually you will be able to do it without stopping. When you feel confident try it at a trot, again if you lose connection just go back to a walk and find it again this will take practice and time to figure out but I promise it works. This isn't the only way I am able to sit my horses trot without bouncing every which way
Well I don't really do that very often but I'll try it @emilypeelhorses
Ride without stirrups. Have lessons in stirrups. Ride like you have stirrups
Yeah of course this was very helpful you have no idea. This is going to help me a lot better to become a good rider @skye_moorea
Lots and lots of no stirrup work! It hurts but it's worth it! Also think about just relaxing into the saddle and push all your weight into your heel! I hope this was helpful!
Thanks. Great advice @laurahalpenny
Relax your leg and allow yourself to move with your horses movement