Would you ride with a very thin pad without a fleece. Just a thin pad and saddle?

I ride with a thin pad, but if the saddle fits well then it should be fine with out anything/ shock absorber (for flat and for short amouts of times like and hours or so) :)
My saddle is custom to my horse, but I like the look of a half pad and it is shock absorbent. I like the Ultra Thin Line. I use a saddle pad, thin line half pad, then the saddle on top.
if your saddle fits properly than that should be all u need realistically granted the horse doesn't have chiropractor problems or such(:
It won't hurt their backs, most higher end saddles and just saddles in general are made to fit a horse without a half pad.. although it look cooler with a half pad :)
@londonskyla the saddle does fit and thank you. I just wasn't sure if it would hurt their backs or not
Hey Sammy,
You can totally ride in just a thin saddle pad and a saddle. My horse is very narrow and is unable to have a saddle pad so I use just a baby pad and my CWD saddle, just make sure your saddle fits!
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