One of our horses lost her eye so I was wondering if we put a patch or hair intensions to cover it? What do you guys think we should do?

Where do you recommend we should get a eye patch and a fly mask for her? @magoonhannah
Definatly an eye patch, to keep it clean, then a fly mask so she doesnt rub it off
I keep a fly mask on mow at all times to keep the area clean and protected from everything the only time I take it off is during the winter just make sure the mask is clean
It's already healed so I'll just leave it. It was my moms idea to do something about it because we hated the way it looked @eclipse_98
Well if it's still healing I would definitely but something over it to help keep dust out. But if it's healed I say just leave it. My horse only has one eye and I wouldn't ever consider changing that. It gives them tons of personality and character
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