Do you have any advice on how to keep my hands soft on the reins while I'm jumping?

I don't ride with gloves but I used to and okay @dcampbell
Yeah you helped me out so much. Thanks for the advice @kylie.vinnyeq
I sorta have the same problem sometimes! Just try to relax as much as possible and try to push your hands forwards while still remaining in contact and rythem with your horse. Try to not think about them too much! Use your other aids like leg and seat more often than you do with your hands!! Always try to put your other aids first rather than going and reacting straight with your hand!:) hope I helped!!:)
If you wear gloves don't ride with them if you dont ride with them ride with them sometimes just a change can make you focus on it mote
Oh okay. I like to try different technics. @emilypeelhorses
my trainer has me grab mane, or ride with 2 fingers on the reins to keep from pulling or anythinf
Well I don't really have soft elbows or shoulders. I'll give that a try. @241
Okay I'll try that. @ellapeschlow
Try grabbing the mane while jumping😊
Have soft elbows and shoulders. Allow yourself to move with the horse and put your hands more forward than usual. Try using a crest release and hold the mane until you land
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