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Would you use the same saddle to ride different horses ?

Would you use the same saddle to ride different horses ?
I have a jump saddle that makes my horse really, unhappy like he feels really tense so yea and no it really depends on your horses shape and what fits him/her
it really depends on the horses size, if it fits both use the same saddle!
If the saddle fits both
If I have a lot of money I would have seperate tack for all my horses. Even if the saddle fits all my horses. 😊😊
It depends how your saddle fits u have to have the correct fit get your saddle checked with your tack store 😃 But dont put it on and ride if it is not 100% right 👍🏼
Depends on if they r the same size
I wouldn't put the same saddle on all horses unless you use a pad.
If it fit nice and well then it’s fine to use it on a different horse however I don’t tend to 👍😺
no i wouldn’t because all horses are different and the saddle might not fit correctly
Yes you can
you can, it just has to fit nicely. it’s dependable on your trainers preferences :)
If it fits yes but if it doesn’t it will heart the horse and the horse will not want to work right
If it fits correctly
I got two different saddles for two different horses. One has a shark fin warmblood and a round fast quarter horse.
If it fits the horse correctly!
As long as the saddle fits
If the horse fits the same size of saddles the day yes otherwise no
It really depends on the type of saddle and the type of back your horse have. i only use my saddle on my 1 horse because she’s 16.1hh and the others are 13hh so that obviously woudnt fit. if you were to share your saddle you must make sure the horses are a very similar height, width and length and make sure to talk to your saddle fitter
yes, i just have a shim-able half pad that can be shaped differently if needed :)
I totally would but if it doesn’t fit another horse by a big difference it could be bad for the horses back but yes totally doable!!