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What do you do with your horse when going on vacation ?

What do you do with your horse when going on vacation ?
I don't go on Holiday. People at my barn usually hire me if they go on Holiday, though.
hire a pet sitter? Also if there are any neighbors that have horses also any family members?
At my barn I pay Full Board so even when I'm home the barn still does everything for me expect for basically Ride and Groom. So when I leave the barn still just takes care of my horse because I pay for it.

But for the riding it depends on how long I'm gone. If it's like 4 days or less I just let him have those days off. If it's like 5 days or more I'll try to have a friend or one of my trainers hop on my horse for a bit just to get him working
My two are at a livery yard so they are on full livery but get the week off from riding/ if they lived at home i would get a friend to check in (look after them) but still give them the week off, hope that makes sense 😂😊
My coach rides my horse for me
The barn's horses go on vacation too ;) they go in a large field on the countryside where the farmers keep an eye on them ! Some owners do the same with their horses too, they rent a field or pay a farmer
What we do is let one of our family members take care of our horses
If you trust someone's level to ride him flat at least this would be perfect to keep him fit. Otherwise you can ask your groom to paddock and walk him on daily basis