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What is the best fly spray that actually works?

What is the best fly spray that actually works?
wet and wipe**
we took and wipe it's the only fly spray thya ls water proof so it doesn't sweat pff
Repel-X. Buy the concentrate and mix it with water in a spray bottle, it works well and one spray lasts for 2-3 days.
I use Pyranha and it works great. I've tried multiple brands, and it works the best out of the ones I've tried.
I forgot the name but it is in a green bottle and it is all natural! I will spray it all over and when flies come, they fly away in half a second. It works so good! I think it is from manna pro
Replex from the us. It's extremely, extremely concentrated so mix that with a bit of water. I can't get it in Canada so I used to import it because the stuff we have here isn't concentrated.
smartpaks brand works well not sure what it's called
Farnam endure sweat-resistant fly spray
Mine is homemade, and it actually works!!! The materials you need are vinegar, olive oil, veggie oil, essential oils, and dish soap, or any mix of these, and just pour them in and mix together!! But remember to mix the bottle every time before spraying your horse
Emouchine Total's great after a few days of use
My mom makes her own fly spray with these ingredients dish soap, vinegar, water, pertherine