Do you have any advice on taking care of horses hooves when they are cracked, chipped or in really bad shape?

pick them more often an drew put hold harder on them
Yeah we had two different farriers come out and look at our horses hooves and I also did that too @maddiemacnutt
Call your local farrier and maybe some different ones to look at the horses hoofs and look up the different ways that they told you and see which is the most common method :)
We recently de-wormed all of our horses so he doesn't have worms so how can he lose weight still? @miaebler
Check if he has worms because horses tend to lose weight when they have worms and if he does have worms give him de-wormer.
We don't put shoes on our horses anymore but my horse had to wear shoes for awhile. I had no idea there was so much for curing horses feet @
For cracks you could try putting thrush treatment in them to kill any bacteria in the crack and that will help it grow out. If conditions outside are dry try using either hoof oil or coconut oil on their feet pit it on both the outer wall and on the sole/frog. For wet conditions if their feet are getting mussy try pure iodine to harden them and apple cider vinegar to keep them disinfected. When your farrier comes I wouldn't let them put shoes on. Hammering something onto already bad feet is never a good idea. If the area they are kept is really hard or rocky I would consider hoof boots to help protect the feet. We had a horse at our barn awhile back taht needed them.
We are doing that but it's not working out so well @scarson1
Get a farrier appointment asap. But for the meantime just put some hoof polish on to stop it from getting worse
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