How much do you pay for board? What is a good price monthly ?

$150 for 1 & $100 for the other (discount)
I pay $180 a per horse/ a month. That is because I muck and feed them myself. They usually charge $230 if they muck and feed
I use to pay 300-400
I pay $800CAD for each of my horses plus lessons... I found that this place offers the best care and beautiful trails, showing privileges and other opportunities.
My barn charges $250 for pasture board and hay and $300 if you want them brought in for grain every day
Hi Promise,

I charge my boarders $250 for self care and $450 for full care in south Jersey. Many barns have options for full care, partial care and self care that can range from $50-$5,000 per month depending on barn, reputation and quality (overall). For my area an average price for full care is $700 per month. Hope that helps!
I pay $600 and my barn does everything for me except for groom, clean tack and ride.
I pay $735
I pay 350
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