I start my lease rides in September. What are some good things to practice ? My barn doesn't let you gallop or do no bridle work :(

side pass back bend
Lunging, join up, trot and canter poles, lateral movement (leg yielding, spiraling in and out on a circle, etc), extension and collection, no stirrups, transitions and working on making your cues as accurate and invisible to people watching are all fun and useful things to work on with your lease horse. They'll teach both you and your horse good skills to know and will strengthen both of you!
search up in the search engine 'things to do with your horse'
- lunge
- jump
- bareback
- teach it to bow
- take it to a river
- liberty work
- plait it mane and tail
- vault on to your horse
- build a obstacle course
- brush them
- dress up
- come when called
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