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I just recently had a bad fall off my horse, how do I get my confidence back? I'm afraid to get back on him.

I just recently had a bad fall off my horse, how do I get my confidence back? I'm afraid to get back on him.
They can sense fear too, and once they have your number, we all know where that goes. Dont Monday Morning Quarterback it, just slowly but surely get on, walk around, work on trust first at the walk, then trot, then canter.
I had a bad crash and burn at a college horse show SEVERAL years ago, which really gave me a fear of oxers. It took me a while, a great schoolmaster horse, and a great and patient trainer to get me over it. Got right back on after that fall and won my flat class the same day, and also went on to finish the season, albeit with a lot of fear. Patience, having a great horse and trainer, and realizing that it will get better will make all of the difference. My biggest fear now isnt jumps, its going on a wild hare gallop during a trail ride, for fear than my guy will pull one out of his butt and Ill be toast since theres nothing containing him. Knock on wood, that hasnt happened, but only cause I havent let him gallop out. Hes never done anything bad since Ive had him. Cowgirl up and check your fear at the ingate. Its far from easy, but its well worth it
Thanks I will need to get all the luck I can get to overcome my fear of jumping at a canter. Thank you I appreciate that a lot @samantha_mccullough
I actually had a bad fall last about a year and a half ago as well and though I got back on I was terrified. Shortly after I started jumping but wouldn't canter for fear of falling and I'm finally to the point I can canter in a non closed in arena. So my biggest advice to you is ride in a closed in arena to make you feel more safe? Not sure that the right word but ya. Also start with just walking and then start to trot a bit. Go through this slowly....but don't delay. You WILL have to do some stuff your uncomfortable with in order to ride again. Just take it slow and don't worry about cantering at all probably for at least a month or so. Also next time you have a bad fall, get back on immediately. It will save you the trouble of being nervous later. I just had a bad fall again the other day (not quite as bad as the last one though) and I got back on immediately and just walked him around and that was enough to calm me. Good luck and I hope you feel better about riding real soon!
Okay I'll try it @magoonhannah
Try walking him for awhile then pick it back up to a trot, then canter, etc.
I won't. No I cannot and I'll start there. I can't do that. Yeah. Okay. Sounds great @ccmarie
Don't expect it all at once. Can you still be around him on the ground? If not, start there with just some love time then ground work. Can you put your foot in the stirrup without swinging up? If not, start there. Can you mount up? Start by jutlst sitting on him. Find the very edge of your comfort zone right now and push just a baby step past it
Yeah I do actually @morgan2
I always do that @thathorsegirl
Hi there. Okay I agree with that. I'll try that everyday. Thank you @willow
I did get back on. I'll wear that for now on to help me build my confidence back @maddy241
Get back on!!! Have someone lead you and work on the basics. Wear a body protector (that really helped me with my confidence)
Hi Taylor! The most important thing right now is to just get in there and get back on. Even if it's just at a walk, pushing yourself to do what's scaring you is how you get your confidence back.
I highly recommend meditation and learning how to use those meditation techniques while you're riding when you feel scared or anxious. Deep breathing, emptying my mind and full body relaxation are all things that have helped me and are techniques I use in my daily riding.
Keep pushing yourself and have trust in yourself and your horse. I have no doubt you'll be back to where you were before your fall in no time. Best of luck!
Try lunging him and build that connection back, this has happened to be before. Look at old pictures and try to remember how well y'all felt together!
First of all you should have got up on him again right after the fall, before you even got to think that you might could become afraid. But I think the easiest way is just to do the thing you are afraid to do. If it is to get up again or jump or galloping.
That's the best tip I can give you, hope you figure out of it😊
If you know any local schooling barns, you could go to one of them and start off riding a calm and safe schooler to build your confidence back up.