Three of our horses have been abused before we got them but they are still afraid of me. Do you have any advice on how to get them to not be afraid of me?

Ground work on a circle (join up) and treats, feeding from a bucket you are holding works. And no stress when approaching them.
Like stay in their stalls sitting on a bucket or something and after a little bit they will probably go up to you
Hang out with them a lot and they will see that you are not a threat, also treats work good 😊
I do ground work with them and play on the ground. What is the seven games? @maddieboesch
Ground work. Nothing can create a better bond then playing with a horse on the ground. I do the Seven Games with all my horses.
I live in Kansas so idk where he lives @emmacole
@taylortruesdell he does small clinics around the country and then a few in Italy.
Yeah I have a round pen. What's that? @brooklynbur
If you have a round pin there is a method called the round up
Okay I'll that a try @magoonhannah
That sounds like great advice I'll try it out @ccmarie
I have used some treat/clicker training in the past with success. I don't bribe them into liking me. but when they overcome a scary step (like standing still when I walk closer to them) I give them a treat or reward. they figure it out pretty quickly but be sure you only reward a task, not try to buy their attention
You could try some unmounted bonding activities
Okay that sounds like a plan. @chelseajoy
Where is he located at? @emmacole
You can take your horses to Buck Brannaman he's great with abused horses.
Just spend good quality time with them pet them love on them soon they will return the favor ;p
I'll try sitting in their pasture with them and giving them treats. I'll do that @twinatheart
Try just sitting in their pasture/stall with them, and give them treats. One of my horses was scared of me when I got her but that seemed to help quite a bit
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