What breed do you recommend for a leasure horse? Im trying to decide between a Thoroughbred and a Clydesdale. What is your opinion ?

I like Arabians. they can do anything
Friesan or Clysdale
Personally I wouldn't have chosen either one of those, but regardless, it depends on the horse. I've know very hot thoroughbreds and I've know very calm ones. Clydesdales are quite large and a little bit more difficult to manage as they have feathers and larger hooves. I would really recommend a Quarter Horse or similar stock breed, but if you have your heart set on a TB or Clydesdale, look around at some TBs first. TB/QH crosses (called Appendix Quarter Horses) are actually fantastic for general riding purposes.
Clydesdale are amazing friend has two ridden ones for hacking and they are the safest leasure horse around!
I think a Clydesdale would suit better since tbs are really hot
Thoroughbred, everyone stereotypes them thinking they're all hot but it realky depends on the horse, they have loads of energy so would be perfect for leisure!!
It depends on the horse. Personally I like TBs but for a leasure horse a Clydstale MIGHT be better. You should check uot many horses and see their personality. But yes, TBs can be quite hot but I really think it depends on the horse.
Agree with Kelbi. Thoroughbreds have a lot of energy and can be spooky, as they are hot blooded. Clydesdales are cold blooded so they are usually calmer.
Thoroughbreds can be quite hot. Probably a Clydesdale would be better suited
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