Is it normal for a horses knees to shake while walking on rocks? Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? I'm concerned.

This is great advice for me to use. I do pretty much everything you can thing of with him and yes I do ride him on gravel a lot since we live on dirt road. Yeah my horses feet are healthy. My horse used to have shoes on all four feet but we quit idk why tho. @mackai
To harden up your horse's feet, you should put some iodine on the soles, for a few days and that'll harden them right up! You could buy some easy boots, but it'll depend on what type of riding/intensity you do to which type you buy. And you also might have to consider the fact that you might need to shod your horse. Talk with your farrier. I would definitely try the iodine first. Also the shoes would depend on how much you're hacking and on gravel. If it's frequent then I think you should at least get fronts if it's just occasionally I would just recommend the iodine. And other then being soft, if your horse's feet are healthy and your riding on gravel, etc. Frequently then I would look at investing in easyboots.
Yeah he does have soft hooves that haven't harden yet. I do long walks with him on rocks and he is still sensitive to them and I am talking it slow. Idk where I should get some hoof boots? @maddieboesch
Your horse most likely has soft hoves that need to harden. You can either slowly start building up to long walks on rock or buy hoof boots.
Okay I'll go there. @magoonhannah
Try going to your local Tack/Feed store @taylortruesdell
Where do you recommend I should get some trail boots? @magoonhannah
Your horse probally just has soft hooves, so try getting some trail boots to help strengthen them.
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