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What are your thoughts on going to two barns at the same time ?

What are your thoughts on going to two barns at the same time ?
I do that a bit. I’m in the IEA, so one barn’s for that, but I only go about once a month. My main barn is where I help out and ride my trainer’s horses that she wants me to ride. I think it’s good to do because you get more experience, but watch for contradicting lessons
I think it's good because you get more experienced and more training! :)
I don't find any problems with it, I have 1 horse at a livery and then 3 at a private farm. There's a lot of running around due to it but it's soon under control x
Hi Kaylee - I've done this multiple times and I always end up going back to just training with my original barn. It's a great way to get more experience and get other opinions on your riding but for the long term I've found it gets confusing hearing different opinions on things constantly. I never knew who wanted me to do what and it got very frustrating.
It's great if you just take a lesson or two, but I think having two different trainers of the same discipline on the long term can get confusing and messy.
That's just my experience, however. Definitely try it if you can and see what works for you. Good luck!
I love it. Always great to have more than one opinion on a horse.
Depends on your situation