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Do any of you just blanket your horse when it gets cold without clipping them?

Do any of you just blanket your horse when it gets cold without clipping them?
Yep! My horses arnt clipped and I put on a medium blanket when ever it's 25 or below.
I grew up riding at a hunter show barn, so to keep our horses' coats in show condition, we blanketed without clipping. Our general rule was 45°F put on a sheet, 35°F put on a midweight, and 25°F put on a heavyweight. Quite frankly, I'm not sure how healthy that actually is and I quit doing it several years ago. Now I just put on a sheet if it's windy/rainy and around 35°F, 25°F I put on a midweight, and 10°F I put on a heavyweight. If you're unsure about something, you can always consult your vet.
I only put a blanket on my horse when it's cold bc we shivers a lot in the winter
I usually only light blanket if I know it's going to rain when it's cold.
I personally think most people blanket through winter so they don't have to deal with spring shedding.
World horse welfare have said this 'Did you know that a horse's thermoneutral zone (the tempertaure at which they naturally feel comfortable) is much wider than a human's?
As a general rule, horses will feel cold when the temperature is around 0°C and feel hot when it reaches around 25°C. This means that when we start feeling the cold, our horses could be perfectly comfortable. #welfarewednesday'
but personally I think it depends on the breed
My mom does but her horse loves outside
Hello Anja, yes depending on the temperature outside when it's really cold I put a blanket on my mare who is not clipped below 0 degrees :)