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How many times should you lung your horse everyday on a daily basis? Do you have any tips?

How many times should you lung your horse everyday on a daily basis? Do you have any tips?
it depends gown lazy or energetic they are i usually lugde if they look all hyped up and i stop whenever they look
Me either. I do that with my horse as well. I can do that too. I know how to do both. I don't lung my horse everyday @eclipse_98
Ik that but I do lung my horse once a day @alliefeder
you don't need to lunge everyday and especially not more than once a day
Well honestly on dont lunge my horse that often. Typically when I do lunge him it's for maybe 10 or 15 minutes before a ride if I feel he's not really listening to me. And then it's really just working on speed up and slowing down the trot and doing trot to walk transitions. All the horses at my barn a just lunged to get them listening before a ride or are lunged because they are fat and need exercise. Occasionally I will lunge just to spend time with my horse or if I don't have enough time to ride so he still gets the contact and human enrichment. I like to switch things up and sometimes do free lunge or on a lunge line. It's good to know both. Other than that I don't really feel the need to lunge my horse. I just don't see the point in lunging everyday unless your trying to bond with your horse.
My horse is fit and energetic so he would need more lunging. Oh okay @eliza_equestrian
What I meant was that horses that are more fit, or more energetic need more lunging than an older, or less fit horse. Also a young horse at my barn has to be lunged before and after each ride, while a horse of the same age and breed is lunged only 3 times a week.
What do you mean? @eliza_equestrian
Okay I was just making sure @ponyinpink
I only lunge before lessons after a day off or for training
Most people lunge once a day. Your horse doesn't need more than 15 or 20 minutes of lunging time if you're using it as a warm up. If you're using it as your horse's exercise for the day, you can go longer, but be sure to pay attention to their breathing. If they start breathing quite heavily, it's time to give them a break or cool down and go back to the barn.
It really depends on the horse.