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How often should you ride or work with your horse on a daily basis ? Do you have any tips?

How often should you ride or work with your horse on a daily basis ? Do you have any tips?
Well you shouldn't ride your horse everyday it's bad for their back but you can lunge for 5-10 minutes each day and walk them with a halter down a trail if you'd like it builds trust and it's good for you and the horse!
You should ride your horse everyday to give them w good workout. But sometimes you can ride them for a light workout or just a short hack. I don't recommend jumping every day though. If they are out in the field all day then it's okay but you should make sure to exercise them well the next day. Hope this helps :)
I have a Tennessee walker and quarter horse mix and he is 16 yrs old and I do pretty much everything with him like intense stuff. He is in shape and pretty skinny. @willow
Yeah I am. My horse is already fit and I am doing intense riding. I do pretty much everything with him. I'll start doing that. Yeah it did totally @chester_the_eventer
All of our horses are out in pasture and that's what we do. Our horses don't have anything on like rugs or halters. Okay I'll start doing that @marietmeade
I agree with Paige, though if you have your horse out on pasture you're supposed to check them once if not twice a day to make sure they don't get caught in anything especially if they have rugs or anything on. Other than that we ride ours 4/5 times a week and spend time grooming or just talking to them on days off!
Depends if you are trying to get your horse in work if so then I suggest around 3 times a week for the first couple of weeks then 4 times a week for a couple of weeks then 5 when your horse is fit and 6 times if you are doing intense work on the weekends like shows or comps. Again it depends on what you do with your horse. But I suggest if you don't even ride probably be with your horse around 5 times a week that way you bond with him and doing things will be easier. I really hope that answers your question!
Depends on the horse. I flat my horses 3 times a week and jump twice so they have two days off, but that doesn't work for every horse. I would just keep how in shape the horse is, how old, etc in mind when deciding but I think 1-3 days off is enough for most horses.