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Do you prefer polos or boots? Why?

Do you prefer polos or boots? Why?
Boot all the way, because I find they are more protective and they also stay in better and with polos I get a little scared that they will unwrap whilst riding and the horse will trip, but I do use standing wraps when floating! :))))
Polos on the flat and boots for jumping for my part. Polos give more support on the tendon etc, which I like when working on the flat. I tend to use open front boots for jumping so that my horse keeps in mind that it must not touch the obstacle, but I sometimes put on polos for jumping.
I prefer boots because in my option they pervade move support...
I use boots, I think they offer more protection, especially for front legs. If I'm using polos, I usually only put them on the back and put boots on the front.
For flat work I put on polos but when jumping I almost always put on open front boots
when jumping, i use boots but when i'm just flatting i usually use polos
Boots for me. But thats only because their easier to put on and I feel they give more protection to the horse than polos
I prefer boots because I find they provide more protection for the horses legs
Depends on what I'm doing! Polo tend to provide more "support" when wrapped correctly, while boots are more "protective"
Boots with polos you have the risk of them being too loose and coming undon or them being too tight and messing up the tendons.
I prefer boots because I have had horses with leg injuries including tendons so I feel more comfortable with using a boot because I feel it protects the tendons more
I think if you have a younger horse that doesn't always know where it's feet are, use boots because they're a bit more protective. Otherwise, use polos!
Sometime your horse may need boots , but I just use polo . Make sure you know to properly wrap them , because if you don't, they may come unwrapped.😀
I prefer polos. They are a lot prettier and easier to wash. Plus a lot cheaper