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What do you guys do when your on your period and you ride ? :)

What do you guys do when your on your period and you ride ? :)
Use tampons and know when to take a break, keep your work light if you have bad period cramps.
Keep it simple, don't over do it and take breaks as needed. Try not to compete as white joddies are risky
I know right!! Like when you're having a lesson and your coach is like come on and you're just like I JUST CANT!! And you need a break but you do it anyway even though you're dying and then you vow to never schedule a lesson on your period again, but then you'll do it again next month. Anyone relate? 😂😂😂
I hate when I'm riding and I get cramps! 😂 I'm like STOP ZIPPER XD WE NEED A BREAK!!! IMA DIE FOR A MINUTE 😂😂😂
Yes! @horsecrazygirl ibuprofen, midol, Advil whatever one of those you use, it's basically a must!
Tampons and some Ibuprofen plus dark breeches.
don't overdue yourself in training and yeah, well, pray😂
I use tampons and something for my cramps(I have some problems with my uteris). I don't do anything out of the ordinary.
Yes, we just pray! 😂 Try to avoid light coloured breeches. I go for my black breeches at that time of the month and I try to avoid pads and use tampons.
Pray 😂 I don't wear jodhpurs I wear black track suit bottoms