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In your opinion what is the best saddle pad ?

In your opinion what is the best saddle pad ?
Or back on tra
Oglivy !
ogilvy!! they're customizable, are great for the horse's back, & look so fashion forward in the jumper ring!
Ogilvy 👍
I love the "back on track" pads, as they work as an infrared blanket on the horses back. For halfpads I like sheepskins by Mattes or a prolite pad.
Ogilvy !!!
I love SmartPak pads they are decently priced and hold up forever. Plus they have tones of cute colors and you can get them personalized. I have to personalized pads one I've had for 2 years the other a few months and love them both
I like Dovers because they are really cheap and still great quality!
I just like to use simple shederow saddle pads. BR is also good😊
ECOgold or total saddle fit half pads
Also if you don't mind your pad slipping, or it just doesn't, depending on the horse I would use a back on track if they are really picky, moody, or they can get sore.... etc. Both Back On Track and Ecogold are Amazing products.
Ecogold!! A big pricey but they're super durable and they never slip!! The coolfit keeps my horses really cool during summer!! Although my favourite is the secure pad because they're so much grip it doesn't move at all. But it just depends the temp for the day to which I use! One of my pads is 6 years old and shows no wear and is just as grippy and slip free as the day I got it and still white!! They're expensive but they're so worth it and you can school and show in them! Love them.