Do they make chew toys for horses? My baby stallion likes to chew on everything and he's killing his manger.

(You hang it somewhere close to the manger)
You can find lots of DIY toys for horses on Internet. It's not exactly a chew toy, but one I found quite cool is tying bits of apples and carrots along a thread so that the horse tries to eat it and doesn't get bored.
Maddy you so awesome 😂😛
Jolly Ball!! They are so effective. You can also try a mineral lick or fill a milk jug with some carrot pieces, hang it up in the stall and he can play with it
I would say a jolly ball :) or if you have a regular ball you could use that :)
I would suggest a jollyball or put a salt lick near his manger so he'll chew and lick on that instead.
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