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Do you have any tips for jumping?

Do you have any tips for jumping?
I'll do that if it works out for me @rubylouis
sit back 3 strides before the jump and sit up
Okay. I don't pull on his mouth or face when he lands and takes off. I don't throw contact away @brianna_equine3191
Don't throw contact away
Let your horse come up to you in 2 point, don't pull on their mouth or face when your horse lands and takes off
I will keep all that in mind while I'm jumping. Great tips @maddy241
It's fine I understood what your trying to say. I will do that for sure. Thanks I would like to get all the luck I can get. @eliza_equestrian
Oops I meant Maddy:)
What Mandy:) said as well as looking to where you're going. It really helps your horse if you look up and ahead. Good luck!
Keeps your heels down, don't collapse over your jumps, keep your lower leg on (don't throw it back) and look up over the jump (don't hollow your back)