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I'm starting to learn how to canter? Do you have any tips?

I'm starting to learn how to canter? Do you have any tips?
Stay calm and move with your horse but try not to bounce ALOT and make sure your heels are down,eyes up , and back straight. Remember stay clam
Be confident and stay clam if your horse feels your nervous it will get nervous good luck you'll do great :)
Relax and move with the horse
Hands down, use your thigh to hang on....
Do lots of core strengthening exercises off your horse. It will help you sit your canter.
When I started cantering, my trainer's tip was "hands like a lady, shoulders like a queen, hips like a whore"
Try to keep your weight in your stirrups, heels down, sit back and relax. Try to sit up straight and stay as relaxed and balanced as possible.
Learn on a slow horse that will not freak you out. The first time I cantered I had no control and it took me ages to get my confidence back so go slow and make sure you feel confident and tell whoever is teaching you when you feel uncomfortable. Learning to sit to canter just takes time!! Good luck though I hope you enjoy it as much as I do now after getting over my fear ! :)
Enjoy it and relax! Flow with the movement
Feel the horses sides with your calfs. swing your hips and elbows with the horses movement. And never get tense, that will just cause the horse to spook. Good luck😊