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What are some good foot exercises to help with "heels down" ?

What are some good foot exercises to help with "heels down" ?
meu cavalo sai da curva e olha o obstaculo e parte para dentro.
eu realizo a curva com a redéa contrária e pressão com a perna de dentro chego no obstaculo com busto atras e bem apoiado.
STAIRS are my love!😂 Put the balls of your feet, like when in stirrups, and put your heels down then go up and down. But not too much because it hurts a lot, so give yourself a break between rounds
No stirrup flat work and you focus on keeping your heels as low as possible! You can also do it with your stirrups on, do it the way you focus best on your heels down. Then you have to do it everytime you ride until it becomes a strong good habit! (~7 days)
And everyday stretch your legs 1 min each so that your leg can get used to being strerched.
No stirrup work!
Off the horse I make myself go onto stairs and put my toes on them and my heels down and then go up and down . On a horse I put my stirrups up a couple holes cause I makes ur heel go down
Personally, I have found not gripping with my thighs has helped. I used to grip so much with my thighs that my heels would come up. I now ride from my lower leg & actively think about keeping my heels down. All my weight is through my heels!
I find that stirrups with toe cups help me keep my heals down! :)
No stirrups and standing up in your stirrups and keeping your heels in the same position as you sit down.