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Do you prefer hunters or jumpers and why?

Do you prefer hunters or jumpers and why?
I personally prefer jumpers over hunters because it's less pressure on yourself if you make a mistake. Yet it teaches you the skills to be an effective rider.
Hunters is easier if you have a lazier horse, opposite for jumpers
Hunters are pretty, jumpers make money
Jumpers because my horse is really fast😂
Jumping because my horse loves to go fast cut corners and launch her selves over the jump without form, don't think we'd do very well in hunter shows.
Hunters: you get rewarded for your riding skills, and you get to jump too... It's also nicer to watch because you actually have to ride well and look beautiful. I dislike show jumping because you aren't judged on your skill, and you often see people who ride like crap win just because the pony is excellent and fast, so it doesn't touch nor make anything fall. It's really sad to watch most of the time. (I'm talking about the smaller classes... The amateur and pro are good. People can actually ride there.)
hunters; it's judged on actual riding and eq. it's also judged on the horses jump and that makes it more challenging and overall nicer to watch
Hunters because: you really focus on what u and u r horse are about riding the corners and getting those perfect distances jumpers because: you have to make those corners without falling or tipping and getting around a course in a fast but paced time without any faults