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What are your advice on how to stop a horse refusing?

What are your advice on how to stop a horse refusing?
you can use poles again the jump to also help get you straight
plenty of practice and lots of encouragement and strength, try small jumps then get bigger but if it helps try doing some pole work and continue building it all up
Lots and lots of work. All of it actually boils down to holes in your foundation (ground work). I personally spend a lot of time with trot poles and small verticals (2-3ft) and bounces help too. Just keep in mind you don't want to develop a rusher (harsh hands are the cause of a rusher), so be sure to be confident but effective.
Use guide poles, I found they help the horse over the jump and go back to small jumps and work up. Even if you have to use trot poles to lead to the jump. also BE CONFIDENT! think jump
Grab your right rein ( or left ) and pull their head to your knee, when they stop let go
Depends on the horse make sure not to tip or throw your body also make sure u have loose hips and stay back and always touch them with your leg